Mobil 1, Haas recommended for way lube
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    Default Mobil 1, Haas recommended for way lube

    Mobil 1 5w30 for use as way lubricant.

    This has been discussed in another post sort of. The corporate promotional conspiracies aside.

    For my Berta, shes a '92 VF-O, I have made the changeover.

    I removed the tank and the fine filter assembly. Poured out the remaining oil to find a palm sized glob of dark brown material. Mind you this unit was cleaned about four years ago. In the fine filter was a glob in the bottom of its well.

    I cleaned the tank with oil absorbing pad then a through wash with Dawn detergent - do not use solvents or ammonia on polycarbonate!

    I removed the piston assembly of the pump and wiped it clean and replaced the filter pad. I wiped as much oil off the mechanism as possible then reassembled.

    I cleaned the fine filter housing, cleaned the bronze filter with 'brake clean' and dried. I hand cycled the pump to prime and flush the first line, installed the fine filter and removed the connection at the oil pressure sensor, flushed well and attached. The spindle lube line to its entry point way flushed also so it will be feeding right away.

    I made this decision after speaking to bearing and lubricant experts at my paying job.. In short, it cant hurt and the gelling issue would be eliminated. Being an air/oil mist lubricated spindle they were especially confident that it would be better, possibly lower operating temperatures.

    I have only operated it for a few hours at this point so the spindle temperature is yet to be really noticed but I will be watching. I'll give it a good long high speed run and see how it goes.

    Wish me luck!

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