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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelieking71 View Post
    Why anybody would ever use that vise in a CNC I will never understand.

    As soon as I discovered the Kurt 3600, I pretty much wrote any flanged vise off to bridgeport territory.
    I have to rescind that statement to some degree. I guess I never really knew what the deal with the DX6 was.
    I just went and watched Kurt's video comparing the DX6 to the older style vises.
    That actually doesn't look too bad! I would still prefer no flange, and 90deg finish ground sides. And, I really like reverse vises!
    But, I think I could live with the DX6. It looks like flushing chips out would be pretty easy compared to the old 688's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelieking71 View Post
    I just did exactly this yesterday in all of my haas mills. Cost $40 per machine.
    The cabinet lights in a haas are 110v. So sourcing lights is easy.
    I used these:
    LEPOWER 50W LED Flood Light 2 Pack, Super Bright Outdoor Work Light With Plug, 250W Halogen Bulb Equivalent, IP66 Waterproof, 4000lm, 6000K, Outdoor Led Lights (White Light) - -
    Worked great. These lights are 100-fold better than the factory stuff I did not hesitate for one second to yank out.

    Attachment 274781

    Attachment 274782
    We did this in our VF's as well. Same lights. Works great and is an easy splice.

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