Old VF Vector/Spindle Drive to Motor drive ohm checks. (follow up thread)
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    Default Old VF Vector/Spindle Drive to Motor drive ohm checks. (follow up thread)

    Posting up onto a new thread for this as it does raise some great opportunity for a Troubleshooting thread for the Spindle & Motor PS Vector Drive assy. Essentially, Mine went poof! Fault light. Smelly stink. And it's out for repair. ...but what externally may have help cause it?

    What does it prove? Some tests below seem to indicate that I did not find any direct short or intermittent short/fault among the wires to the motors, the motor drives, and the 380 VDC connections. Of course these are just dry ohm tests but it's a start and makes me a bit more confident that I did not take a hard harness, or drive failure to ground (which could fry the spindle drive assy. which is where this all started).

    (was Anyone have a spare Old-Style 15/20HP Spindle Drive unit to sell? )

    final post from Hoss710:
    1 thing many people dont know or realize, is the vector spindle driver creates the power for the axis drivers. I have had X axis cables go bad and smoke the vector drive. it's a common problem. so if it were me is pull the front Y axis cover and take a peek for both chip issues ( they can cut the X axis cable) or cracked insulation on the X axis cable. you can also check your 3 X axis wires to ground to see if their is any short to ground. if you want to check for any shorts between the 3 legs, unscrew the connector at the motor end, and remove the wires off of the driver . then check for continuity between the 3 legs.

    PIC BELOW for folks if needed for reference.

    1) XYZ Motor wire OHM outs XYZ.
    -removed motors wires from drive.
    -Between all lines, 1.1 ohms.
    - From Motor harness line to GND- all OPEN.

    2) Drive terminal tests: Red/White/Blk OHM tests on screw connects (wires removed). (NEW STYLE)
    - 3+ Meg Ohms across all three drives all terminals.
    - OL (open or infinity) Rd/Wht/Bk terminal to GND.
    (nothing shorted internally).

    3) The Q for ya'll- The Z still has an old style Goldie drive. (wires removed)
    - 110K-112K ohms across terminal to terminal test.
    (Anyone know if this is OK?)

    - OL/Open between drive terminal and GND.

    4) XYZ Drive 380VDC hook ups. All OPEN lug to lug. and OL/Open on REd/Blk Lug to GND. (the bottom parallel where you connect the drives to the 380VDC.

    5) Spindle Motor tests: (honestly not my area)... .5 Ohms lead to lead. OPEN LEad to GND.

    IF you think of anything I missed.. please let me know.

    Upon DRIVE return from R&R: Will pull Y front cover and X cover on motor side and check ohms and cables. While yanking and moving cables around also. We have redone the way covers and cleaned out chips everywhere. Pretty comfy there... but- Harness and chips and intermittent's are found by ripping & inspecting, wiggle and jiggle w/ Meter, and just replace stuff. :-) Over all- Who knows. Wish I could just get something that ran w/ confidence.

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