VF2 TR160 alarm 106
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    Default VF2 TR160 alarm 106

    Good evening everyone.
    Working on a '04 VF2 with a trunnion table. The "A" axis tilt motor started making a nice chalk grinding noise last week. Well this isn't the first time this has happened. I believe this is the 2nd time in 7 years this motor has been replaced. The last time the MAC valve and cables were replaced too. Upon removing the motor, you can feel and hear the grinding of the magnet. Ordered and installed a motor and MAC valve. Alarm 106 decided to show up. Checked that the valve was working the brake correctly and it is. Pulled the belt from the motor, released the brake and the table can tilt manually no problem. Put the belt back on, hit zero return and you can see the hit load meter hit 251 and alarm out. Removed the belt again, this time "hand jog no zero return". Table tilts maybe 2 degrees and alarms out. This is with no mechanical load on the motor. Release the brake again, hit e stop, manually rotate the motor and table, no problem. Zero return the motor without the belt, motor rotates CCW a little bit and bounces back like it was preloaded only to error out again.
    I figured I'd post this up to see if anyone has experienced this before. I will be testing the amplifiers over the next couple days and more troubleshooting.
    If no one has experienced this....stay tuned, I will update this post with my findings.


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