Biax 4/easl Power Scraper...Any good?
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    Default Biax 4/easl Power Scraper...Any good?

    Is this model scraper good for general scraping on average sized ways? I am not familiar with the Biax family.


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    I get mixed up with all those different model numbers, I got lucky and found one online. That is a early model i am the 1960's. If you need repair parts you won't find any from a BIAX distributor. I have talked with guys who have had the armature rewound and bigger brushes sanded to size. Also I've heard someone adapting a variable speed drill motor to one. One of students from the Oslo class put a VS switch from a cheap hand drill inside the case as those early models are one speed. If your a hobbyist or small shop owner it will work, but if it beaks you will be making parts or if your lucky find a part on Ebay. I did here next April Biax Germany will be taking iin rade ins if you buy a new one, so I can check if some parts will be saved. I had eye surgery this morning and trying to type with one eye is a pain. hard to focus. I you are buying it from ebay, I might ask to get the seller to call you and have him run it so you can at least here it run. I would say if your planing on using it alot, but one of the green motor machines as you can still get repair parts for them. Rich

    PS: Does it have blades? If not PM me as I am a distributor and Scraping Instructor for BIAX


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