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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard King View Post
    Stan L7 I just requested a Dura-Bar quote for a 2" x 2 x 72 to see how much a smaller one would cost. It is so simple to buy Dura-Bar and grind it on a surface grinder before scraping them. I will cut and paste that price when I get them.

    I have made short ones during the class from the practice bars we use when learning. I can check with Starrett True-Stone Granite in St.Cloud MN. and see what the will charge for a granite prism. I have had Granite SE's made for customers. The one I show is at NSK in Indianapolis where I taught them to rebuild bearing grinders.

    They wanted Granite so they didn't need to rescrape cast iron. Plus Granite can be calibrated by sending it back to Tru-stone for ISO. Many times inspection departments won't calibrate Cast iron SE's. The other photo's she the cast bars we cut to make the small prism. Jan S from Norway took a GA class where we cut a bar and he scraped it. The one photo is me scraping a Swiss Screw machine slide I helped rebuild where we used Dura-Bar SE made from the test bars. We used the SE Jan is holding. Plus the HKA-18 SE I sell that works super on dovetails.
    Great ideas you are tossing out there. It is one thing to idly say here are some wonderful options.
    1) But do you suppose you could quote an actual delivered current (a maybe recollection from 10 yrs ago won’t do)price for the surface ground Durabar and when that will be available?
    2) Same is true for the granite prism. Is that actually an option and what would it cost with an actual quote.
    3) How much is recalibration and how long does it take?


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