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    The thing about the plano Mills obviously had the planer attachment and that could be used along side the milling head massive jobs could be machined.As a young lad who passed by these machines in action the thing that fascinated me was the work holding methods the old timers used massive jobs just held by a few clamps sometimes no clamps just wedges it fascinated me the big cuts either the planing tools or the milling heads were taking with these holding methods.I worked on a horizontal borer and got a clue how they got away with these methods.One day I had a batch of large heavy jobs on that came on my machine from previous op that had machined the base drilled and bored holes vertically thro from top bottom.On my horizontal op I had to machine the four sides faces drill and bore holes in the side faces.job was located on a large rotary table located of the holes off previous op clocked in.Had done a few without a problem,after A tea break completed another had to climb up on rotary table and release the clamping bolts that went thro the bores.Oh no when I got up on top job I hadnt clamped the job down the buzzer for the break must have went and I had left the bolts to clamp up after break but had just continued thinking I had done it.They were big jobs with a lot of work in them and thought the milling and especially the large drills some 2ins in diameter must have moved the job checked it with DTI must have moved so would be scrap.Clocked the face and it was spot on had milled it but how those big drills hadnt moved it.That give me the insight into the weight of the job the drills hadnt moved it someway explained how the old timers with those massive jobs on the planers just used a few clamps

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