Enco 92010 tear down & condition assessment
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    Default Enco 92010 tear down & condition assessment

    Well, I bought a "12x36" enco bench lathe a few days ago, and finally had time to tear her down today.

    It's a little worse than I had expected. Couple of chipped teeth on one of the back gears. Should this be as alarming as I'm assuming?

    The worm housing on the saddle for the power feed is also slightly damaged. Worm looks pristine, but the bronze (?) worm gear is badly mashed up. Shouldnt be too difficult finding a replacement worm gear, but I'm concerned about the condition of the worm housing. Doesnt look like a part that would be easy to machine from scratch, as it appears to have cast-in counter bores on the inside of the "U" profile. I'm not familiar with the anatomy of the worm arrangement on typical saddles. Are these counter bores strictly necessary? Could I theoretically machine this part from aluminum without the cast-in counterbore features? They dont seem necessary to me.

    Bed ways look pristine. The rack looks great (9/10). The cross slide and compound feel smooth and solid for their entire lengths of travel, and show no visible signs of any crashes. All of the screws look "like new".

    Is there a way to post pictures here? This is the first lathe I've ever torn down, as I bought my last lathe new from grizzly, and it was a bit more ...well, "modern".

    Any helpful advice is appreciated. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this post. I'm new here.


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