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    Quote Originally Posted by CBlair View Post
    JAdams, in a recent video on a large lathe Keith Rucker mentioned the same issue and decided to use the worn section near the headstock as his reference. His logic was that was where he was going to work the most as he rarely does long parts. It seems like a logical if not ideal situation and much cheaper than having the bed ground.

    Problem is... it isn't "just" the ways. The saddle's underside - as Rich and many others have pointed out - wears to a curve. MORE so than the ways, usually.

    Assymetically so, usually, as well.

    Eg; More to one side of its "centerline" or where the cross sits, than to the other side. Further, front way and rear way will not necessarily have their respective curves congruent.

    Result is the saddle can "rock" left to right and diagonally depending on what sort of cutting force is applied, how strongly, and at what point in its traverse.

    "Moving target" unless restored to proper and uniform plane, saddle and ways, all.

    So long as it remains a "variable", one is just about as well-off to scrape nada, "map" the best and worst-case deflection at each inch of position, post the "gotcha chart" on the wall, and/or - much simpler. uet - remember to sneak-up on every final-final fit, and take lots of measurements as yah go, each and every tasking and cut.

    Tens of thousands of lathe hands over long years have had no other option on their "company lathe", but to "compensate" .. so we know it works.

    Properly restoring, on the other hand, can save-back the time invested.

    But only IF the machine-tool will actually get enough USE for "compensating" time and labour to be avoided in future to be offset by time and cost of "restoration" labour "sunk" into the project.

    Sanity check? Many among us tend to "sneak up" on fits and take lots of interim measurements REGARDLESS. So not all projects WILL recover their time, nor in hobby/smallholder intermittent service, ever will, again.

    Accordingly, the choice to restore is usually subjective:

    "Because I can, and WANT to do!",

    rather than objective:

    "Just run what yah got.. or go and find some other machine still in better condition."

    Half measures? Not always the "best of both worlds" compromise.

    Sometimes they can be the least wise, as to return on time and effort applied.

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    Wear aside ,the lathe has short centre distance.....IMHO ,for any kind of job shop ,a bigger lathe needs at least 6ft centres,preferably 8ft,or you will be knocking work back all the time.

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