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    Quote Originally Posted by thermite View Post
    Umhhh.. you don't have traverse in X & Y? Hard to utilize a rotab without that.

    If Tee slots otherwise matter, just sacrifice some "Z". Drop an inexpensive shiney-wood extrusion atop and clamp rather than alter locating keys on a DH and its centre.

    Or, if this is a standard setup for the mill, you know how to make offset keys for alignment.

    And another thing that puzzles me a little is that on a horizontal mill, the spindle axis isn't coincident with the pivot point. I can just imagine that one way of setting up for a spiral cut might be to just touch off a cutter on the edge of the workpiece and then move over half the diameter, followed by swiveling the table to the helix angle. But that's not always even possible. You might well have a gear tooth cutter machining an 8" gear. You can't touch the tangent point of the workpiece because the cutter is too small and the cutter arbor is in the way. If you're using the vertical head, yeah, maybe you can make something work but you're not gear cutting that way, And even if you're cutting flutes on a reamer you'd offset the center so you have some rake on the cutting edge.

    Outside of Connelly saying it's important, I haven't heard anyone propose an actual job where it's relevant.

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