Preis CG-21 Panto-Grinder, grinding wheels, and Pantograph Engraver Tips
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    Default Preis CG-21 Panto-Grinder, grinding wheels, and Pantograph Engraver Tips

    I recently picked up this cool little Preis Panto-Grinder in a table lot at auction. I bought the lot for the Drill Press and Machine Vises not really paying attention to anything else on the table. Once I discovered this I had originally intended to mount this to my welding table and use it to sharpen Tungsten but am thinking it could be better served elsewhere by someone who will appreciate it more.

    I can't find a whole lot of information about it and they don't seem to come up for sale very often at all. The condition is pretty good given it's age. Starts up and runs nicely, no weird bearing noises from the motor, no out of balance spinning. The adjustment shaft moves freely and so do all the other movements. Nothing crucial seems to be bent or severely damaged.

    Couple issues to note...
    1) The maker tag is missing (unfortunately) but I was able to find a nice crisp photo of one online (pictured at the bottom of the listing) which could easily be used to make a replica.
    2) The little angle adjustment finger handle is slightly bent, pictured. This could be intentional to provide some more clearance from the grinding wheel but I'm not sure honestly.
    3) It could use a new cord. The one that is on it has some damage and is definitely original. it works, I suppose you could wrap some electrical tape around it then call it a day, but If I were keeping it I'd install a new cord.

    I'm also including a ton of Pantograph tips and two extra grinding wheels. Some of the tips are used but lots of them appear to be new and very sharp. I believe the wheels are also used, but could just be dirty from sitting on the bench.

    This is a great useable piece but would also make a real nice restoration project for someone. I don't really need to sell it, but I've got a half dozen restoration projects in the works currently and could use the cash to fund some of the missing pieces for those. Otherwise it'll get mounted to the bench and I'll give it a full restoration in a few months.

    I'm going to ask $450 shipped (in the US) for it but am open to reasonable offers. This should fit in a Medium USPS Flat-Rate box so I'll toss a $20 bill at it and cover the shipping.

    Note the slight bend in the finger handle

    Here is the tag photo

    and a link with some attachments to more info on the grinder

    Preis Panto-Grinder

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