Selling off a few items... Acu-Rite DRO items, Dorian indexing turret for lathe.
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    I've got a prospective deal forming with a member here and am selling off some not-needed-now items. I'll go to eBay with these on Monday the 26th, but thought I'd post them here first.

    1) Up first is a sweet Dorian NVIT-75 manually indexing 8 station turret for lathe work. New in box, this came out of the Bridgeport site auction last February. (I'll post a link at the bottom.) Really nice item that I don't enjoy selling. But, it simply won't work well on the lathe I bought it for, a belt-driven 13x40 Southbend clone. (One makes these kind of dumb mistakes when new. I saw one at SouthTec a few years back, fell in love with it, and jumped at the chance to pick one up for $800. But since then, I've found out this lathe won't happily take the cutting pressure of carbide.) It seems to have been in its crate for a few years and has a couple of rubbed spots in the paint, I should mention. As I say, I have $800 in it and this is the amount I'd like to have back. Don't know if it'll sell on eBay, but I'm listing it there for $850 on reserve. The new price on this turret is over $2500, I believe. It comes with everything you need, bushings, etc.

    2) Next is a 3 axis Acu-Rite dedicated grinding DRO, their model DRO200G. In great shape and said to be less than a year old, I picked it up off eBay for one of the scales sold with it. Crazy, but true. This unit would make a decent general DRO if you're looking for a 3 axis unit, but is missing two functions found in other Acu-Rite 200 series head units. It doesn't have an input for their electronic edgefinder and doesn't compute bolt hole circles. It might also be missing a few other milling-specific nicities, you'd need to check. (The Acu-Rite website has all the info on each unit.) It does have a radius/diameter button though, so perhaps it might be better suited to lathe work than milling. With 3 inputs you could do vectoring on the compound. (I think.) And of course, if anyone needs a 3 axis DRO for a grinder then you'd be back in high cotton.

    This outfit was being used on something with weird travels and didn't come with a short scale. If you are thinking of putting it on a grinder, you'd have to self-supply a 6 or 8 inch scale. I do have a cache of longer Acu-Rite scales I've been scooping up off eBay that anyone is free to mix-and-match any TWO for a price of $675. You may chose from 10 micron, ENC-150 style scales with actual travels of 13.5", 14.5", and 21.5". I also have an older, 6 pin military round connector scale designated 18" that's probably about 19.5".

    3) As fate would have it, it took me two years to find a 40" Acu-Rite ENC-150 scale for my lathe, then I ended up with three of them in less than a month. I only need two, so one of them is going back to eBay. I paid $300 for this 10 micron unit, so that is what I'm going to try to recoup.

    Thanks for reading through this. Wish I could offer 10 cents on the dollar prices but I'm not Rockefeller! No BS, I have in these what I mention and am only trying to get out, breaking even. I can supply email pix so feel free to ask. Lastly, I trust the readership of this board somewhat better than the eBay general audience. I'll ship with escrow (on my tab) to you guys, giving a chance to check it out and see these things do, in fact, work.

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