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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
    I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I genuinely wanted to know why you stated this because, as Jim explained above, the need to rewire or eliminate machines' own control is one of the main drawbacks of the use of VFDs.
    Eh? Not really a big deal or much work on a single-motor lathe, DP, or mill,. Just go directly to the sole motor, abandon all-else in-place and make chips in the simplest form.

    Quartet "combo" or a well-equipped Hardinge lathe are different animals.

    A Hardinge may have multiple speeds, electric braking actuation, separate leadscrew drive motor, etc.

    Quartet's juice pump is stand-alone. The powered knee serves both vertical & horizontal spindles. Their separate motors need a touch of interlock-fu.

    Not only is there no "free lunch", there is no "one-right answer".

    The selection will depend no only on the machine-tool but ALSO the end-luser's needs and personal preferences as to how best to address those needs.

    Which might even CHANGE over time, yah?

    No law sez we have to do it but the one time, never to be altered again, is there?

    First cometh usable.

    Later cometh "elegantly expert".

    Kinda like sex as experience accumulates, yah? We tend to "do it over until we get it right".

    Or so the grown-ups once claimed. Ah well.. or so the youngsters who have just invented it from scratch all over again now remind us?

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