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    Quote Originally Posted by Degull View Post
    I am going to be notching bicycle tubes with it. The mill is going to be dedicated to one function for now. I have seen others get away with using the smaller bench top models.
    I'll take your advise and try to find something more in the general purpose mill category like a Nichols or the Sheldon. Most importantly I need a mill that will take up as little floor space as possible and not cost a million bucks. I would prefer to find a small mill that uses 40 taper since I own 40 tooling already. The Nichols mill would be ideal but I haven't come across a tool room model with all the handles.
    If all you need is a tubing notcher, they exist, are readily available, wont require a shit ton of searching, and will take much less space than a giant bench paper weight. Pretty easily to build yourself also.

    The Nichols tool room millers are really cool machines, but as you mention, they're rare in the "turn key" configuration, and it looks like you're making a pretty big leap (no disrespect intended), to justify a machine you want, with highly unrealistic constraints. I deal with people all the time justifying new trash import "bench" mills because they are certain they need a mill, know jackshit about one, think it's going to save them space (it wont, same basic envelope as a bridgeport), and want the comforting illusory "peace of mind" of not doing the research but trusting that a new machine with a warranty will give them some security if the machine turns out (is inevitably) a piece of shit.

    Even the toolroom Nichols, is a pretty specialized piece of kit, rare, and not a plug and play solution, that said, a no 2 K&T horizontal takes barely any more room, tucked in a corner. It may seem like it does on paper, but in reality, it does not. If you don't have a corner available, or the will to install a small real mill, just buy a notcher.

    How many micro horizontals are there with 40 tapers? (BTW are you saying you have nmtb 40 taper tooling? Because I don't think there are any CAT-40 micro horizontals are there?)

    EDIT: I see you got a nichols, enjoy it, but if you only using it for notching, you're doing a disservice to it's legacy IMO. Here's hoping you use it for real work. They're really interesting machines.

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