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    Quote Originally Posted by TCMACH3 View Post
    I greased all the bearings & shaft before reassembling on the worm assembly.After i get my table off & cleaned I probably will grease the bearings & use 90w gear oil in the housing when i get it all put back together.I will watch for leaks.I wonder why it had hardly any oil in it when i opened it up to start with.The o-ring on the worm shaft housing was rough but don't see how it would have leaked all the oil out thru that.
    Hi TCMACH3 and all others,

    all those tables have the same problem, and that is the big seal between the main house and rotary-plate,
    that seal is made of ? cotton rope, drenched/saturated with grease, after using it in factories for years,
    swinging the table around with the crane on a disco-funk style,its expected.
    Now i have a table with a overdose on multipurpose-grease and to it 1 liter 10-w60 synthetic-oil
    (the oil functions only as hydraulic bearing between the bottom bearing faces).
    These rotary tables are made for heavy industrial use, they can take loads flat/horizontal 800kg, and upright/vertical 250kg,
    and i will never handle workpieces heavier as 150-200 kg flat or upright on my little mill.
    If you fill up the table with just 1/2 liter oil(mandatory) and take care when you put it in upright position , its all okay, even without seal.
    Oh and the slop on the handle you can adjust a little by screwing in the adjuster-pin on the most right-side screw, front under-side,
    but it will always have a minimum of 0.5 deg play, that means that on the moment you are milling you will have to be careful for the very last deg.

    Sincerely Yours, jack.

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