Makino A66e taking full advantage of the machine
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    Default Makino A66e taking full advantage of the machine


    After long thinking and hearing so many good things about Makino we have decided in our mould shop to snatch one.
    It is used A66e with Professional 3 controller and with a lot of options and 183 Matrix tool magazine.
    It was used in one very good mould shop so machine is in good condition.

    We have performed test cut on sample piece and measure the piece in our CMM room and accuracy is very good.

    And now we came to the part where I am not so happy.
    Since these is our first Makino, our first horizontal machine and also our first Fanuc (believe me it was hard to convince us after many years with Heidenhain controller) we have decided to order Makino training to be able to take full advantage of the machine in our mould shop.

    On these training we suppose to cover following points (which were in front send to Makino):
    - Calibration of tools and the use of tables tools (to measure several tools at the same time and transfer the measured values to the Makino tool table);
    - Calibration pieces / Centering by using the pushbutton (from the outside at 4 points, from the corner, two holes; ......) + post-processor commands to be able to just load the
    piece on the pallet and the measure zero point with touch probe on the machine and then to start the program
    - Basic cycles (centering, drilling, deep drilling, threading);
    - Skipping programs
    -Work with multiple references and with multiple setup (for instance):
    -palet 1
    -zero point 1 (for instance G54)
    -program 1
    -palet 1
    -Zero point 2 (for instance G55)
    -Program 2
    -palet 2
    -zero point 3 (for instance G56)
    -program 3
    -palet 2
    -Zero point 4 (for instance G57)
    -Program 4
    - We notice that during test cut machine was jamming; I think it has something to do with look ahead.
    - Makino SGI function;
    - Work with the tools, which are too long for the magazine;
    - Calling tools by name;
    - What should contain the main program and what routines should be in subprogram and example both; Whether it is possible to work in such a way as now shifts to have all variables (S,F, Coolant) as "Q" parameters on Heidenhain;
    - Calibration/measuring of tools by diameter and length before starting the program and at the end of the program;

    Basically the list was done based on the things which are already working on our existing machine with Heidenhain controller.
    And now I have the professional here and he is trying to convince me the NOT EVEN one point is possible on our machine, since the machine is too old?!
    These I just do not believe because in my opinion it does not matter if it is Professional 5 or 3 on the background it is always Fanuc with standard G code and macros it is just easiest to say not possible!

    I hope to receive some positive feedback on this forum and hopefully also some guidelines how to solve my open points since It would be a shame not to see these Makino running as it should run.

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