Makino RMC55 A-10 to AR RPC
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    Default Makino RMC55 A-10 to AR RPC

    Hey all,
    I recently brought home an older Makino RMC55-A10. Seems to be a clean little machine(though extremely heavy). I am in the process of wiring the machine and have a few questions. I installed an AR ADX30 phase converter within the past couple months, anticipating I would be bringing a machine home at some point.

    These machines have a transformer on them, but I am not sure if I should be wiring to that or not. I spoke to a previous owner of this specific machine who said he did not use the transformer and wired directly the main rotary switch in the back control cabinet. I have the Fanuc manual, and the machine operating and instruction manual, but nothing that discusses the input wiring. Searching, I found an old thread that seemed to discuss this same thing but it appeared that the final outcome was not mentioned. Attached are some pictures of what I am working with.

    Two questions:
    Should I bring the input wiring to the transformer and then the transformer to the main switch in the back panel? There is already a large SO cord going from the transformer to the main breaker in the back cabinet. Appears someone had been using the transformer at one time.
    What terminal should the "wild leg" go to in the transformer, or on the main breaker (depending on how the above question is answered?)

    Output voltages from the phase converter are as follows:

    L1 to L2 = 243V
    L1/T1 to T3 = 240V
    L2/T2 to T3 = 253V

    American Rotary notes that the last reading should be 10-13V above the others and that it will drop once a load is applied.

    Im sure I will have many more questions, but this is where I am at currently. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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