PCMCIA card for Pro 3 & Pro 5 controls
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    Default PCMCIA card for Pro 3 & Pro 5 controls

    We have Makinos with Pro 3 and with Pro 5 controls. Until recently programs were transferred from PC to control by exporting files to Compact Flash cards. These cards were then fitted into an adapter that had the PCMCIA configuration on the other end which went into the controls.

    Recently, we purchased some new adapters that would take SD cards from the PC but that still have the PCMCIA configuration on the other end. Unfortunately, these will only fit (physically) into the Pro 5 controls! On inspection of the adapters, we find that there is a slot on one side of the PCMCIA connector and a flange on the other. These details ensure that the card is properly oriented when put into the socket. However, it also becomes clear that the flange on the newer adapters is thicker than the flange on the older ones. About 2mm for the new ones and 1mm for the older ones as I recall. The older adapters are upward compatible with the Pro 5s, but the newer ones are not backward compatible with the Pro 3s!

    In researching PCMCIA, I find that there were 3 types -- Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. I am assuming that the difference between our two adapter types is conformance to a different one of these specs. However, I have not found anything that tells me how to tell which type I have! Some things talk about thickness, but they seem to be talking about overall device thickness -- not the flange.

    Does anybody know which PCMCIA Type is used by the Pro 3 control? [Note: I think the Pro 3 is a 16Ia and the Pro 5 is a 31I.

    A side question: It was suggested that the Pro 3 control might allow a limited amount of memory on the card. I've seen this before, with a camera. Does anybody know if there is a limit to the amount of memory the Pro 3 can address and what that limit is?

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    According to the Fanuc 16i manual (which our Makino A88 with Pro3 control is), I guess it would be type 2. Or whatever the text in this image means:

    This link explains the different types of pcmcia cards, and their thicknesses. PC Card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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