possible opportunity to buy 2001 ke55
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    Default possible opportunity to buy 2001 ke55

    as title says. currently i own a tree j325 and am looking to upgrade, as i've been doing alot of 3d stuff in various tool steels which pushes the limits (to say the least) of it capabilities.
    so looking for all the info i can get.
    friend of mine thats in charge of getting rid of it will have more info for me in a couple of weeks. they are consolidating and restructuring. the pictures he showed me of it, it is very clean, shop looks like lab almost.
    i've read what i can here and sound like a great machine. but would like more details as far as what the control may be, whats programming and setup like, general characteristics of the machine such as rigidity, any other pertinent info. just for reference i am familiar with haas, mazak, and ran some fanuc stuff several years ago though
    price is defiantly right, may be a couple months before its ready to move, so i have time
    thanks in advance

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    The shop I worked at about 7 years ago had two of these. They now have three of them as I noticed when I stopped by for a visit back in the spring. I was primarily a lathe guy back then so I really didn't run them, but the guys that used them really liked them. They have a Fanuc control with conversational functions. They can be run manually with the hand wheels and I think you can basically teach a tool path by manually milling the first one.

    Coincidentally, the place I worked before that had a couple of those little Tree mills with CAT40 spindles and Dynapath controls. We used them to drill bolt circles and mill key slots.



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