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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxcarPete View Post
    If you use Gmail or any other "google account" services on both devices, google knows about it, and they know you are still a machinist even if you happen to be holding your phone rather than sitting at your computer.
    I do use that phone as an internet hotspot for my PC, I have no choice with the internet provider I use, are they tracking what goes through there? I don't even check e-mail on that phone. The phone did assign me a G-mail address I have never used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michiganbuck View Post
    Chicago air 35,32,21,12 so very clean on a world standard..but we should make it even is only Tax Money who cares.

    Air Pollution in World: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map)

    When we run out of money we can just ask other countries to give us some...Oh wait, that is a one-way street..darn.

    Just wait till the pot growers say their plants are not getting enough carbon dioxide so we need to subsidize the pot farms.

    Likely all the windmills and the solar panels will be blocking the needed sunlight
    Interesting : just watched a segment, Gawd knows where and it seems like decommissioning one of these wind things is costing $200k ??? And then the blades must be buried ????

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