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Thread: Moon Shot; 1969

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9100 View Post
    The diversity of life works so well because anything that didn't was eliminated. People talk about restoring the balance of nature when actually it is often not restorable at all. If you dump a load of rocks, they will form a complex pattern that may collapse if you pull one rock out. Putting it back will not make the rest go back in their original places. Darwin and all that, you know. Replacement can work, such as returning the wolves to Yellowstone, but they were only away for a short time and everything else stayed pretty much in place.

    There is no reason for things on another planet to evolve the same way but there are some natural laws that will be the same there.


    I know you didn't quote me in your post, I am quoting you to refine my statement of intelligent life on other planets.

    When I wrote my comments about the possibilities of intelligent life in other places I did not mean human beings or some approximation. That said, the expectation of some advanced life form could be as simple as the insect or as complex as man. That or a form that far exceeds man in form and function.

    The evolution of species and extinction has been altered artificially in the last couple hundred years by human activity. From hunting and fishing to land use and, importation of alien flora and fauna. We can argue the impact but we can't ignore it as a root cause of extinction.

    The "natural law" you mention does suggest a form with particular attributes that humans exhibit. Conceptualizing complex ideas, communicating discrete information and, manipulating objects are perhaps the most significant aspects of highly evolved creatures.

    With all of the scientific achievement we have gained we still have only a rudimentary grasp of the universe. The vastness defies comprehension. We have only seen a glimpse of the neighbors yard, not even down the block.


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    By "natural laws" I was referring to ones like Newton's laws of motion, which are going to be the same, albeit perhaps modified a bit by gravity or velocity, levers and chemical compounds that are still going to link in certain ways, etc. You are not going to find life based on lithium argonide.


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