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    I seem to remember a hippie guru saying "Turn on, Tune in Drop Out". Isn't this what the ghetto did... permanently?
    Lots of things hold urban people back. Corrupt local governments. Permits. Licensing. Zoning. High Insurance fees. Law suits. Lack of Credit.

    A culture that puts an emphasis upon thug and gansta virtues. Excelling in school in some cases is "being white". Speaking good English is "Being White". Note to people of color - a lot of white folks have their own little dialects which we speak to one another. Doesn't mean we inflict it on everyone else. While I was in the urban clinic I sometimes needed a translator, I also need one when I'm up in the "hills and hollers" too.

    Poor schools, which often end up costing more per student than suburban schools. It enrages me that I'm expected to pay higher taxes to subsidize illiteracy and ideological indoctrination instead of teaching these kids the skills they need to fend out here.

    A sense of entitlement and victimization because of past wrongs like Jim Crow or slavery.

    Lack of the ability to delay gratification. Erosion of work ethic due to "compassion", checks, benefits and so on. Lack of good male role models because Uncle Sam has replaced Daddy. Some of those kids don't even know their Father, all they ever had was a Mother..

    Watching huge amounts of TV as a kid which causes a warped sense of values, a sense that problems can be solved without effort, in unrealistically short periods of time and a sense that the rest of America lives in opulence and luxury. In reality some of life's problems are insoluble and many require persistence and "ass", not magic and good intentions.

    Police harassment inspired by the War on Drugs and paranoid suburbanites. I do mean "Harrasment", as in being stopped and frisked because they were in an "enforcement area", being stopped because they were out late (getting cigarettes and snacks), because the police just didn't like their looks.

    Sure the kids are gonna dress alike, it's called "fitting in".

    Dope and booze are just an escape.

    I worked in a clinic in the Uptown section of Pittsburgh. I saw this non-sense first hand. Our patients came from the neighborhood.

    I saw a free market car shop near our clinic, where those guys worked day and night without a license. Saw a rib shop down the street where they cooked outside in a split 55 gallon drum. Lots of courteous young men and women of color who only wanted a job and to be treated like a person rather than a stereotype and who responded well to courtesy and respect.

    Saw gigantic police officers riding around in "jump out" cars, waiting to catch a kid who wasn't careful. Met one patient who was a former drug cop who said, "Lot of cowboys in the police". We were talking about a kid who died in a traffic accident, he panicked when the police started chasing him. The patient swore up and down they could handled it "nicely but didn't want to".

    Ain't happy times in the ghetto, but let's not blame the drugs. Let's blame the fact that some folks make a profit in the inner cities, some folks make political hay in the inner cities and some folks make their living off of the problems of the inner cities. As long as these three groups are doing well the ghetto will be with us.


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    "Mafia haulers and other corner-cutting garbagemen had a chokehold on industrial waste in New Jersey and New York a generation ago. Haulers carried off toxic trash from Ford and other factories and dumped it anywhere they could."
    by ALEX NUSSBAUM and TOM TRONCONE (The Record)
    Thanks. I did some research and now have more insight into why Ford Mahwah and GM Tarrytown assembly plants closed.

    Ford put toxic waste disposal out for bid, mafia haulers won. Then it was dumped down drains, in mines, landfills etc, not properly as contracted. When the EPA got interested it came after Ford for cleanup because they had the $$$ needed for cleanup.

    This probably terrified GM over in Tarrytown and they bailed out of the area not long after Ford. Never heard where the connected haulers dumped GMs toxic stuff. Probably in Croton.


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