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    Quote Originally Posted by BillE View Post
    Seems pretty right to me. Even at their zenith, 84% of the electorate didn't vote for them - which should be a pretty basic statistic to a bloke who supposedly makes his dough in the markets. If you were to say 1970s Italy had something approaching a large number of votes cast in their favour, that might be something closer to reality.
    Ok, then 67% of the electorate didn't vote for the Nazis in the last election when Hitler became chancellor. Again, that is a misleading way of looking at it. It was not a one or two or three party system. It's a 25+ party system. Totally different. The fact is that the communists came up to being almost the 2nd largest party in Germany during that era. The statistics I put there make that clear. The communist movement in Weimar Germany was a thing, it wasn't a minor movement. It was steadily growing, and the Nazis made it so they could not vote on the enabling act that gave Hitler full power. Obviously if they didn't matter, that wouldn't have happened. It was becoming more and more communists vs nazis. In fact, one of the first things the Nazis did was imprison and crack down on the communists and socialists. The socialists were throughout the SPD party. And in that last election, if you put together the SPD and Communist vote, it was even larger than the Nazi vote! How's that for saying it didn't exist?

    Also, I don't really make my dough in the markets - I just worked in finance before. Almost all of my income is off rental properties right now. Plenty of time to watch documentaries, which is how I originally found out about this. Most tend to just focus on the war without a lot of backstory on politics, but I found a good one a while back that did talk about the political situation.

    The Nazis, A Warning From History 1 'Helped Into Power' - video dailymotion

    I know people fling links around, but I highly recommend that one. It has a lot of interviews with Nazi supporters from the era and tons of coverage of stuff that I never knew or saw in other documentaries. Troves of new info for me. And of course the whole thing about the communist movement is in there throughout. And done by the BBC, surprisingly.

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