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    Quote Originally Posted by EmanuelGoldstein View Post
    Yes. That's because they always have about fifty low-level people doing the dirty work so you never see it. But I always figure why bother being here, if I'm not going to figure out how it functions ? So we do all the grunt work ourselves. Don't you dare talk to my Assistant. The first words out of her mouth are always "We can pay someone to do that !" Could, yeah. But ain't gonna
    Capitalism is in its base form, protection of private property (you can own and accumulate wealth) and the profit motive. Regardless of what the government controls, thats where the growth has come from. If you don't believe the economics and fiance info clearly describing the capitalist environment there and need to touch and feel for yourself, do a drive through the neighborhoods where all multi millionaires and billionaires have bought houses. The private sector getting rich a very primary evidence that its the capitalist system that has created the growth and wealth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcgyver View Post
    do a drive through the neighborhoods where all multi millionaires and billionaires have bought houses.
    You can't buy a house. You get a seventy year lease. And no one knows what will happen when the seventy years is up. So it's all, basically, a fraud.

    My point is, what you see on the surface is not what's underneath.

    It looks like "capitalism unleashed the inner drive of people wanting to be free !" but in reality ... changing the curtains brought in trillions of dollars of foreign money.

    What actually created the change ? Is there actually a change ? Or is everything we see a result of fleecing the greedy foreigners ? (US and Japan at the top of the list.)

    You can make a good case that the "rise of China" has been the biggest con game the world has ever seen. But it's the same thing as always ... even Henry Gondorff can't cheat an honest man.

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