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    Quote Originally Posted by nissan300ztt View Post
    Milspec std should be +/- .002" its what we always bought. Mills are incapable of holding that now. So we bought .625 round bar and were gonna gun drill in house. Ended up twisting the gun drill bad. So we decided to drill from both ends undersize and ream to size. Customer doesnt want the cost passed onto them.

    And my peck cycle has maintained almost perfect alignment. Plus I made a custom spindle liner to maintain the round bar straight to the jaws and drill.

    The reamer reams perfect alignment.

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    I drill my own DOM much of the time.
    I can make a good rate dooing that,

    If it is thin wall, or just EW tube, not really, but any heavy wall DOM - yeah, it can be drilled and turn a high investment/low margin job into a lower investment (material costs) and higher margin job. But of course, you have to doo the werk...

    I would MUCH rather git stuck with a pile of solid 1018 than a stack of some tube size that I likely won't ever find any other use for!

    The end cost to the customer is usually a worsh, but I am WAY more interested in running the job!
    ... and you don't git stuck trying to find the right tube the next time aggin...

    If the price of steel goes up 50%. DOM goes up 50%, but only 20% of the cost of the tube is material cost, so how does it follow the up trend?
    It never seems to follow the down trend tho?

    DOM sure seems to be the business to be in!


    Think Snow Eh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert123 View Post
    The only military spec for 4130 tubing that I am aware of is MIL-T-6736 which references MS33529 for tolerances. Those are +/- .005" OD and +/-15% wall thickness. The tolerances I gave in the post above were from ASTM A519. I don't have a copy of AMS2253 but I'm sure the numbers would be similar. Perhaps there is some kind of high precision tubing, but regular tubing is nowhere near that kind of tolerance.
    And this has been the game with this company for years. And at one point we were paying $7 extra per foot for .247 I.D. and reaming to .253 for shuttle to slide through. But at this point we have gone through 7 different suppliers and not a single one came anywhere close to the +.007"/-.002" Hell I wish would get the Minus .002" The gun drilling I mentioned previous worked for about 25 parts and the thru coolant hole got clogged with chips somehow and dulled the tip of the carbide gun drill. Think we might have had an issue with our coolant pump not being perfect @ 935psi.

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