Clark mini-Forklift
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    Default Clark mini-Forklift

    Hey guys,
    In the past I've seen some pictures of the Clark 1015 and thought it would a fun little machine to have in the shop. There isn't much info on the net about these forklifts. I have noticed there are hard tire and pneumatic tire versions. What would be the model number for a gasoline powered one with pneumatic tires? Is it Y-1015 ? Was the 1015 also offered in electric powered?
    With the forks removed, it looks like this machine will fit on a pallet. Which should make shipping relatively easy.

    If anyone knows of one of these available I'd be interested.

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    Look up "Clark Clipper forklift".

    That gets a lot more hits than the 1015 model number.

    I have a similar device - see avatar - that's a 1980s concoction and has been very helpful in this life.

    Re: ship on a pallet, imo would have to be a steel frame for chained binders. Unlikely wood can carry the concentrated load on the tires and steel banding would not be appropriate in my estimation. Guessing they are ~3000# (??)

    Old forklifts eventually need every seal in the whole machine replaced, so its going to be an ongoing project unless you've found one where a previous owner performed that work already

    Also I'm going to suggest propane is a better solution than gasoline. Runs indoors without CO concentration issues, and there are no gumming or fuel freshness issues. Just get a couple of tanks and keep them certified so you can get them refilled. I also keep mine on a battery minder when not running, it has an oddball shaped battery.

    If it were to be a 6v model or uses a generator due to age, I'd invest the time to upgrade it to 12v & alternator. Saves a lot of pain.

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