Cost to get Sharp HMV from a dock at a Chattanooga to my home ? Recommendations ?
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    Default Cost to get Sharp HMV from a dock at a Chattanooga to my home ? Recommendations ?

    I have a Sharp HMV I bought from a company in Ohio. The last machine like this identical nearly and they shipped it on something like a 48x66. In this case they shipped it on a 66X79.

    The dock they shipped to(a box van 53 foot) cannot load it for me to get it home. A dock that loads truck or trailer via ramp. is the reason I had it shipped to a dock.

    I've bought several items a year from this place and they know my preferred dock and that the dock must have a ramp.

    Well they sent the machine via a carrier that has a habit of being a bit rough, for one thing. The worst thing is they don't have a dock. So it doesn't make a flying fuck if I take my 14' foot drop trailer and try to go get it. The dock doesn't have a way to load it- they have no ramp. Also the company in Ohio shipped it with the head up ! So I have no idea how much damage has been done there. I need to go to the dock it is at tomorrow, lower the head to 90*, and then it is a bit manageable and maybe it won't be as expensive.

    My options are
    1. get a rigger with a piggyback truck to go get it- the dock could load on their truck and it be delivered to my house. I could either unload it with the 70hp tractor with forks and rear ballast(the HMV milling machine weighs 2700lb). Or if they have a piggy back, let them unload it. It is 108 miles to my house.

    2. Call my preferred dock and pay them to drive 20 miles across town, pick it up, and then they load it on my trailer. I then drive 100 miles home.

    Any idea on what a rigger would cost to in Chattanooga to pickup a skid that is 66"x 79"x96"(like I said- shipped head up) ? At 36 I ain't done too much trailering and my trailer has been sitting.

    Option 3: Eat the machine cost of $1800, eat the $600 in shipping, and abandon on dock and go on welfare.

    Love me some government cheese right now.

    Did I mention you can't call the shipping company that iitting at direct ? Where it is shipped, the docks don't give a direct number ? You have to call corporate, and for a week and a half while the skid was sitting on this tiny ass dock in a BAD- as in someone shot at me while I was on a Harley Davidson in that neighborhood, they told me it was still at the machine reseller per BOL.

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