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    I had a pretty nice TCM electric at my old job, loved it until it would randomly quit. It had a glitch that would kill it every 6 months or so. I'd have to pull the batt cables and just generally mess with it and it would usually come back on. Never could find a definite answer. I also had to drive it a decent distance a few times to another part of the facility and I always worried about whether I'd make it there or back on the battery. It would stop lifting when it got too low, then it would quit driving, so at least it gave you a warning. The dash on it didn't work for a couple years so I had to guess on charge level, once we fixed the dash it showed the charge again.

    I really liked that machine, it was nice and quiet, had a decent creep even being electric. Once I was on my own I decided to buy a LP lift. I can't be down because of a pc board or some other thing that I can't diagnose. I know that if I have to, I can diagnose and fix anything on my little Datsun. It still has points on it, and yes I know how to replace and set them. I recently picked up a Hyster that is new enough it has FI on it, I think, really haven't messed with it that much to know for sure. I know it has too many safeties and such on it for my liking.

    I do like my Datsun best for in close work, I can ride the brake pedal and let the idle creep me closer and I have very good control with it. The Hyster is terrible in comparison, it has a single brake/clutch pedal so of course you try to ride the brake and it disengages the clutch first, so there is no creep unless you use the hand brake. I can probably get it better by messing with the idle adjustment etc, but I don't like it yet.

    I also have 2 tanks for each lift and as soon as I run out, I put the empty in the vehicle to refill on the way back out the next day.

    I like electrics, but for my shop I think the LP is better all around

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    I am FAR from a pro machine shop.

    But I have two forklifts. A 25,000lb diesel Hyster and a 4100lb propane TCM. Works pretty good for me, the Hyster is best outside and the small TCM lives inside.

    I really like my TCM compared to the CAT forklift at work that's the exact same capacity. The one at work is VERY tired, but even looking over that, my TCM is much better made. Cyliders much larger, heavier machine, etc.

    Ill say a another +1 for propane over electric.
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    You don't see too many pneumatic tire forklifts that are electric. For cushion (solid) tire lifts, it doesn't take much juice to run around on a smooth concrete floor. You get a pneumatic tire lift running around outdoors in less than ideal conditions, it will suck even the best batteries down pretty quick. You've also got to think about what you are going to do when you run your battery down out in the "yard" and the charger is back in the shop.

    IMO, you are taking a risk with any used electric lift with a used battery. It just cost so much to replace the battery if it goes bad. I've seen lots of older electric lifts scrapped because of a bad battery, even when the lift was in good shape otherwise.

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