Need help with a new shop Press, 10ton upside down ram by king Canada.
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    Exclamation Need help with a new shop Press, 10ton upside down ram by king Canada.

    Hello everyone I hope y'all don't mind I'm new to this and I don't really know how these hydraulic tools work.. I'm lacking support since the website I bought it from refers me to a local shop that will charge me 75$/H just to make my new press work.

    Let's get into it!
    First I got to say that I made a certain amount of research on the internet just to find out theres not that much information about these machines. I have read on how important it is to bleed out the air of my system so I tried! but I think I just made it worse and air got stuck in my cylinder somehow.

    At first I thought I'd check the oil level and it was low so I added too much so my ram wouldn't retract fully, I then dumped a bit of that oil and the ram came back in slowwwwwly..

    Now that I am able to operate the ram, there's no pressure at all when it reaches for the workpiece and on the phone the guy at the tool shop told me "yeah you probably got air stuck in the cylinder you need to bleed It out by the filler nut on your pump" but I honestly don't know how to do this, I tried though and it went bad.... I did what he told me and I cracked open the filler nut, tightened the release valve and I started to pump the guy on the phone told me that air and oil would come out but nothing happened and the ram wouldn't retract after this. I had to unscrew the pressure gauge to let flow the exceed of oil then, the ram would come up again.

    At this point I thought maybe there's still too much oil in it so I took some more off and still no pressure at all.
    The ram feels spongy when I lower it, it's coming down by a half inch but as soon as I pull up the lever to give another push the ram retracts by a quarter inch, like if the pump was releasing the Pressure.
    I don't know about the seals in the cylinder they should be good I mean the press is brand new...

    You can refer to the King Canada website for the tech sheet and owners manual here:
    Presse Hydraulique de 10 tonnes Avec Garde A Grillage Back KING Canada - Power Tools, Woodworking and Metalworking Machines by King Canada

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    The easiest way to bleed the air is by loosening the pressure gauge nut a little ,and pump until air and fluid come out ....make sure the reservoir is kept full....bleed air /fluid until the flow is no more air bubbles ,then tighten up the nut again must bleed from the highest point ,or air will remain in the pressure circuit....Seems like a decent little press.

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