How do FR-SF drives work?
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    Default How do FR-SF drives work?

    So not looking for anything super in-depth, just looking for a general explanation of what is going on inside these drives. I have 4 machines with FR-SF or SE drives that I have done some work in but expect that I will be doing more in the future and would like a better understanding of what is actually going on in the drive.

    Here is my current general understanding (right or wrong).

    3 phase 220V Power comes in thru the drive breaker, goes to the diodes, from the diodes are a Positive (P) bar and Negative (N) bar which connect to the capacitors ( I believe this setup, diodes and capacitors, is giving DC voltage on the P and N bars). The drive then has 2 sensors (not sure of the name) on the P and N bars that measure current flow to the transistors. This is where my "understanding" breaks down, I'm not sure what the transistors (or components mounted on top of them are doing). The SF-CA is the brains that is monitoring the drive and turnings transistors on and off and the SF-PW is supplying control power to the SF-CA and the power for sensors and triggering transistors.

    Any thoughts or input would be helpful. Thanks!

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    This could be a handy thread!

    I will chime in later about what I know about the FR-SE and -SF drives. I have worked on them for a couple decades now, with some success and some failures....

    I am starting to lean towards retiring the old workhorse drives, and retrofitting with new. Would be nice to have a "kit" to make it easier...with the needed Honda connector-adapters.


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