How to service and maintain a SQT100MY properly
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    Talking How to service and maintain a SQT100MY properly

    Hello everyone!

    I am very pleased to create my first post here and I hope it results in obtaining some new knowledge.

    Six months ago I bought two Mazaks and started my own company, a SQT100MY lathe from 2000 and an AJV-18 from 1990.
    Both machines are in good condition and have been primarily used as prototype machines over the years, very few hours on both and they hold tolerances every day of the week so far.

    I would like to know everything that has to do with servicing and maintaining these machines, primarily the lathe as that was the most expensive and as you can imagine there is no budget for Mazak-priced services ... yet.

    Do you know of any common faults?
    What should I keep on the shelf as a spare part?
    How do I recover from say a hard drive collapse?
    Something I should try to avoid?

    Anything you can possibly recall would be of great value for me.

    I will be compiling my own list of Good-To-Know stuff and make sure I keep an eye on things you tell me is common sources for issues.

    I thank you all in advance, thanks a bunch.

    Best regards from Sweden, Lars

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    We just bought a mazak SQT 15M mark II
    and a mazak ajv-18 from 1990 as well, do you send nc programs to It?
    If so how do you do It? and with wich program do you program and send?

    hope that someone could answer your questions as I want to know It aswell

    Best regards Jepke Klinge, Belguim

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