Matrix Nexus - How to Teach Back-Facing Tools?
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    Default Matrix Nexus - How to Teach Back-Facing Tools?

    Greetings. I have a problem with tools that are too long to measure with the tool eye. In other words, I have to "teach" the tools. I did this with the forward-facing tools, no problem but when I try to teach the Backwards-facing tool in the sub-spindle (in the same tool slot) it automatically goes back to the forward's tool.

    So the question is, how do I teach the tool Z-length when I have two tools in the same slot? Thanks.

    To clarify what I'm trying to do. The tool marked in blue is the one I'm trying to teach.

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    I use the tool eye to measure the BAK tool first, without the front tool in place. Sometimes with the main jaws removed on an older machine. Not sure what you mean by "does not go back" But the blue highlight can be moved up and down.
    Then there was the time when I got lazy and could not get the BAK tool in line to touch off in Z with the tool eye. So I got it as close as I could and lightly pressed a 6" scale against the eye sensor and touched the tool off that. Made calculation for scale thickness and dialed it in from there.

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