Mazak QT10n HP and Electrical Requirements?
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    Default Mazak QT10n HP and Electrical Requirements?

    Hi guys, I wondering if anybody might know the HP and electrical supply requirements of my very old QT10 (early 80's, T1 control). Their seems to be a lot of contradictions in the specs and I am totally confused. The drive is a FR-SB 7.5KW. Would this be continuous or maximum power? Motor specs are 5.5kw continious, 7.5kw for 30min and another 20% on top of the 7.5 for one minuite. There is a chart in the manual showing HP vs RPM and it tops out at 10hp but doesnt mention any duty cycle. So kinda looks like 7.5kw/10hp is maximum power.

    But... most of QT10's (old, but slightly newer) I see for sale list 15 or 20hp spindles. And the spindle torque charts I have in my manuals are based on 200% of the motors continuous torque (which would be 11kw). And I did a lot of parts this summer with a cut that sandvik calculates at 15hp, this only showed about 70-80% spindle load. So im sort of thinking it has be at least 15hp maximum power? Maybe more? Anybody have any ideas? Whats the maximum power a Mitsubishi 7.5kw drive can put out intermittently?

    Reason im wondering all this is im considering upgrading to a slightly larger lathe thats probably going to be in the 20-30hp range and I dont have a ton of power on hand at my shop. Trying to figure out how big a jump im actually making. Going from 15hp to 20-25 doesnt sound nearly as bad as making that jump from 10hp.

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