Mazak QT8 questions - looking to maybe purchase one... but its complicated
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    Default Mazak QT8 questions - looking to maybe purchase one... but its complicated

    I am looking at buying a Mazak Quick Turn lathe from the 90's-early 2000...However, my shop is in my garage. I was hoping to get a QT20 since that is what we used in my evening classes but after looking at the power requirement there is no way I can "swing" a lathe that big. It just consumes to much power for my house to provide. So I looked smaller and smaller until I found something which might work the QT8. It only has a 7.5/10HP motor. I already have a Hwacheon 19x59 lathe with a 7.5hp motor and it works fine. So... is it feasible for me to use a QT8 in my one man shop? What are the power requirements? I would use a 20hp rotary converter. Although I toyed with the idea of getting a generator to power it. But... that is far from ideal. Or, should I just go and buy a Haas TL-2 lathe? I already have a TM-2P and I like it a lot but its not the most ridged. Thanks

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    A 20hp rotary converter will run a little QT8 just fine. You may have to slow the spindle accel/decel rate a tad, but that's easy to do, and actually increases the life of your spindle drive.

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