Mazatrol Data Collection
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    Default Mazatrol Data Collection

    Hello All,

    We are currently installing and configuring an Industry 4.0 Time and Material tracking system. This system is intended to, and has thus far, integrate with every machine on our shop floor. Naturally, the Mazak Lasers we own are one of the last stops due to their stance on user modification of equipment.

    We own a fair few Mazak Lasers, specifically multiple SUPER TURBO-X 510 Mk II RTCs running almost all on Mazatrol Preview. One is running an older M32-B NC. We have not been able to decide on the best way to integrate with these machines.

    Our issue arises mostly in not being sure where in the Linux based OS the information for the Lasers' operations are stored. We have located the log files for alarms and parameters, but would like to track uptime. We'd imagine since the Laser checks for maintenance based on uptime, this would be stored in a file SOMEWHERE on the disc, perhaps even in the parameters? The other issue is that the files we located only update every day at 12:30 AM, only allowing for looking into issues after the fact. Fine for costing and uptime calculations, not ideal for why our laser operator hits the E-Stop five times a day (a fictional example)

    Does anyone have any experience integrating with older machines like these? We imagine if we have to we could use old reliable, DPRNT, but would prefer not to when there is a <presumably> intelligent system running already?

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