Strange axis problem MP620 T32-6
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    Default Strange axis problem MP620 T32-6

    I have a really strange axis problem that started on X-axis head1.
    The parts did start to get smaller and smaller but if I reboot machine it was back to normal size.
    I switched the drives that controls both X & Z between head 1 and head 2, the problem remained on head 1.
    I switched X-axis ballscreew-encoders between head 1 and head 2 and problem did go away and have not come back in a year.
    Now the same thing started on Z-axis on head 1.
    After program finished it stops on Z5.000 (mm) on the display everytime but after a few cycles part is getting shorter and shorter, if I restart machine display says a lower number like 3.842 and I can run it again and part is getting the correct length.
    In my head the cant be a mechanicle problem since it helps to restart machine.

    Both X and Z-axis on head 1 has really bad ballscrew support bearings that is screeming can these vibrations disturb the encoder in some way?
    I have the bearings so I will replace them today anyway

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