T32B - what is “tool eye comp” used for and best way to get dia you program
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    Default T32B - what is “tool eye comp” used for and best way to get dia you program


    I have a Hyundai Quick Turn 15n with Mazatrol T32B

    I have been dialling in my tools to try and get the exact measurement programmed or as near as when running a program but I still end up with parts that are off on O.D. and I.D slightly

    The tool eye is always slightly off even after spending hours adjusting the b63/b61 tool eye parameters and chasing my tail, although I have just found out you must home the machine after each tool eye parameter change which I did not know? but as I’ve read some are not that accurate at the best of times so what Ive tried instead is, in manual mode I turn a diameter for each tool and then go to tool data and select “Teach” then input the exact diameter actually cut, then I make another cut to check to make sure it is correct, so all tools are spot on........BUT

    When I then run a Mazatrol program and measure the turned diameters they are back off again, anywhere up to .5mm worst case!!! Why is this when I used teach and dialled them in spot on? Am I doing something wrong here?

    I understand I can iron out small errors by measuring the difference and adding/subtracting it to the “wear” column for that tool but can’t see why it can be so far out on a program and spot on when tested and set using the “Teach” function in manual mode

    Also as per thread title, what is the column “TOOL EYE COMP” used for?

    And my last question regarding to wear and adjustment is if I run a program and the part has a roughing tool and a finishing tool, and the od is too big or too small, which tool to you adjust the difference to? Or both?


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