What to look for in a used Quick Turn?
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    Default What to look for in a used Quick Turn?

    Hello all.

    As my CNC skills grow I'd like to pair a lathe with my Fadal 4020 and a QT seems about like the ideal match.

    What should I begin to look for in one of these machines? I know pretty much nothing of CNC turning, not really even enough to ask in depth questions but I do have some basic inquiries-

    What age range tends to be the best value? IE- good control, good features but old enough to be found reasonably priced.
    Are there any models to absolutely avoid?
    Are there known issues to look for during evaluation?

    An 8" or 10" chuck seems like plenty for my intended use, is there any reason to go bigger?

    Usage would be turning relatively simple rounds things of my own design.

    Any old threads I should dig up?

    Sorry for the open ended request, needing a place to start digging in.

    Something like this appears to be in good shape. Assuming so, is the price fair for the age? Is the T-Plus a good control?

    Mazak Quick Turn 20 HP CNC Lathes

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