CIMCORE Sringer ii - software options?
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    Default CIMCORE Sringer ii - software options?

    Hey guys,

    I've bought a CIMCORE Stinger ii, and I plan on using it mostly for reverse engineering of parts.

    I use Fusion 360 as my CAD/CAM package, and Autodesk has PowerSHAPE that they suggest would be the best solution for me.

    Just wondering what's out there that people would suggest? Integration with Fusion would be ideal, but isn't necessary if there is something that would be better overall package than PowerSHAPE.

    BTW this is my first leap into the world of CMM arms, so if there is something that i'm not considering that i should be, please let me know.


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    PowerInspect and PowerShape is a pretty comprehensive combination for reverse engineering. Neither have anything to do with Fusion directly, but nor do any of the alternatives. I use PowerInspect on our CMM and it is pretty nice, I used to use PowerShape many years ago but we dropped it in favour of Solidworks because it was more in line with what we do (we do very little RE, and PS is/was a little cumbersome as a modeller compared to others)

    As good as they are for your purpose, I'd advise against becoming invested in Autodesk's ex-Delcam products. AD won't admit as much, but they have clearly been EOL'd. However, if you've already bought into Fusion you might not care about that, because their game plan is to roll it all into Fusion at some point. Risky, but so is becoming invested in Fusion IMHO.

    Polyworks is a relative newcomer that appears to be strong for RE, but I have no experience with it.

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