Questions for FARO Gage users
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    Cool Questions for FARO Gage users

    I have a job coming up and I need to take a very small number of 3d measurements. I really don't want a CMM taking up space in my shop so I have been looking at a faro gage. I used faro and romer arms in the past, but it has been about 10 yrs. So I'm wondering if the people using the faro gage like it or not. I will be measuring points, projecting them onto a plane, creating lines from them, and then calculating the angles between the lines. this will be in an area approximately 8"x8"x8". Also, does anyone have any suggestions besides ebay on where to look for a used arm?
    One last question. how does the faro software compare to PC DMIS for someone that only occasionally uses a system. I did some work with PC DMIS and it seemed like it was not a good application for me since I might only use it every 4-6months. I primarily spend my time using CAD and CAM designing and then programming mills.


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