Suhl thread micrometer - how to disassemble
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    Default Suhl thread micrometer - how to disassemble

    Hello folks,

    I've got my hands on a vintage East Germany (KS Suhl) thread micrometer with a complete set of inserts.

    It works for the most part, the only problem is that the locking ring for the fixed anvil doesn't fully lock.
    I'd like to take it apart but can't figure out how.

    The micrometer part disassembles easily - the thimble just unscrews and comes off, and the locking ring then slides out sideways.

    But on the other side the fixed anvil doesn't fully unscrews. It has a slotted screw on the end.
    I tried unscrewing the anvil as far as it goes, and then unscrewing the screw with a screwdriver, but it wouldn't budge.
    I didn't apply excessive torque because I don't want to break the mostly functional tool.
    I wonder if that screw is just tight or had some thread-locker applied. Or if I'm doing something wrong altogether.
    I guess I could try to clamp the knurled part in a vise and try to undo the screw with more torque?

    One last thing. For some reason, Suhl didn't equip these micrometers with a ratchet. Their regular mikes came with ratchets.
    There is a screw on the end of the thimble. I wonder if it's possible to unscrew it and replace it with a ratchet from a regular vintage Suhl mike (cheap on German eBay)?



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    No helpful advice, but that's a nice looking tool.

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