Tesa CMM feedback
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    Default Tesa CMM feedback

    My shop doesn't have a CMM
    But I get more and more complicated parts where it could come in handy.
    And I want to be able to supply a measurement report.

    I can buy a Tesa Micro Hite 3D
    One like this: Three-dimensional machine Tesa Micro-Hite 3D RC - Measurement and control - Three-dimensional machine

    It's a teach in CMM

    I have absolutely 0 experience with CMMs. So what to look for?
    I want to use it to measure bores, height and positional differences between points. Nothing fancy.
    All of my work are one offs or small series <less than 20 pieces.

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    From no CMM to this one is a great step foreward. My 2 cents:

    1) You need an operator with some extra skills. Without a motivated, skilled professional behind the machine, the CMM will be eating dust soon.
    2) The environment should be as close to 20C or 68F as possible. Don't set it up next to a window. Or close to an outside wall either.
    3) Think of all the costs - not only the purchase price. Annual calibration - if you want&need it. Maintenance. And maybe a software maintenance agreement.

    An SMA may be expensive, but you'll also be able to call support in case of problems. And you get updates regularly. You don't want outdated software in a year or 5-10 and pay big bucks for a new licence.

    And if you're buying a second hand unit, make sure you know if the deal includes the software licence or not. Usually it doesn't Without it, it's useless and when buying a new software licence you might get to pay more than the hardware will cost you.

    Hardware... the more travel in XYZ, the better. Being able to tilt and rotate the probe is a very pleasant thing.

    You might want to investigate if the company that services that unit in YOUR AREA is any good or not.

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    I don't think these Tesa machines are technically considered a CMM. I was present for a demo for one of these. They are more like a 3D height gage. They are a walk up and measure type machine that doesn't require you to write a program for each part you want to check. They seem to be really easy to learn. So with you being very new to CMM's, this might be a good fit for you.

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