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    Default If I were to servo...

    If I were to yank the VFD conversion from my '42 round-dial, and put in a servo...

    I'd probably look closest into a Teknic ClearPath setup, and just write an ARDUINO program to step-direction control it. What they've done, is integrated the servomotor, encoder and driver electronics into one complete unit... you give it power input, and a step-direction command, and it just does it.

    I'm pretty certain they've got units that'll be in the power-aplenty range for a spindle motor.

    With an arduino controlling the step-dir, one could put a second servo drive on an auxiliary leadscrew drive, to cut whatever threads one wants (effectively, you'd be inch-metric-oddball-whatever).

    With this, if you ever considered any CNC type futures, you'd already have a good start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveKamp View Post
    If I were to yank the VFD conversion from my '42 round-dial, and put in a servo...
    The thing about a servo, "kinda neat" as it is, and a good step in the direction of learning and growing into CNC for present-day machines in general..

    ..is simply that a 10EE doesn't actually GAIN much out of the deal ...that it wasn't already more than good enough at doing ...with any of the original drive systems. Or even with a decently implemented VFD.

    So it CAN make sense for anyone with an "empty engine room" that has nada.. and HAS to start from scratch.. with SOMETHING.

    But it doesn't make as much sense to he who has a decently functioning 10EE - of any sort of drive - already in-hand.

    MOST of us simply have "the usual" barrier.

    I think it is called "too much other s**t to do"?

    PS: Dave?

    Please send me a currently working email. That recycled spindle-lock detent I promised you was hot-tanked, Bronze-brushed, inspected under magnification, found as good as new, sprayed with preservative oil, wiped, warmed, dried, VCI paper wrapped, and boxed. Quite a WHILE ago, now.

    But the reply-to email PM's server gave for you when your message came IN is apparently long-obsolete, is not working.

    And I have a minor question about the HS mounted latch that USES the spindle-lock detent we need to sort.

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