1967 Monarch 610. A little help needed.
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    Default 1967 Monarch 610. A little help needed.

    Hey guys

    New to posting on this forum but not to reading it.

    Recently picked up a 1967 610. Originally belonged to the US Navy, then after a government auction and some haggling came into the hands of the guy I bought it from.

    The gentleman I got if from spent the last 5 years or so completely overhauling it. All new bearings and whatever else that was still readily available through Monarch. He also sourced a second 610 junker to salvage parts off of. The crazy thing is he wasn't necessarily a machinist. But he was a specialist in restoring studebaker's. In fact he had a few AWD Studebaker's which I thought was pretty insane. Once he was done with the machine he ran it in low speed a few times to make sure everything was operational. He told me that he cut a few pieces on it from time to time. After that is sat in his garage under canvas for a few years until he finally decided to part ways with it.

    Lathe works well but has a couple of small issues. As you can imagine going through one of these and then having it run perfectly the first time back together is probably a rare occasion.

    Motor and hydraulic pump are working fantastically. Can see lots of flow and splash through the site glass. Head stock and bearings sound awesome.

    Issues we have found so far.

    Run/Shift lever are not operational unless the lathe is running. Im not sure if this is a feature of the lathe or if we should be able to cycle through the gears while its off as well.

    Lead screw is not operational. Or atleast not as far as I know.

    We had the lathe up and running the other day. Decided to go through every gear position and make sure they were all operational. Got all the way up to the 7-800 RPM range. Ran it and all of a sudden the spindle bogged down and then made a loud grinding noise. (Like grinding a gear in a manual trans car.) fortunately we got this on video. Lathe was immediately stopped. I immediately started trying to figure out what it was. I rolled the chuck over by hand and it seemed like it would go 270 degrees in either direction and then snag up on something. Went ahead and removed the gear box cover to examine things. Visually nothing was seen. No metal chips. No teeth or any damaged gears. I then determined weather the hold up was on the main spindle or the drive assembly. So popped it in neutral and the spindle still was catching on something. In doing that I believe the issue was on the main spindle. Then I tried changing all of the feed rod positions to see if it was anything with that. Still no free up. Last but not least I changed the ABC threading selector and all of a sudden it was magically free.

    I have a few thoughts. maybe there is an issue with the lead screw gear box assembly. Or some one left a tool or bot some where inside the gear box and when pumped up to higher speed it was able to pick whatever it was up and cause an interference.

    Really on here to see if any one owns one of these or has rebuilt one. Id like to double check some of the work but its hard to do so if I have only ever put my hands on the one he rebuilt.

    Id like to also make sure the oiling system in the gear box is properly routed. But cant seem to find much info.

    If any one has any insight or info it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Rotary dial "5" on face of QC box not fully indexed - was it run that way?

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    AFAIK the motor has to be running to change speeds, use the shift selector. The no lead screw sound like a feed lever issue. I had a similar issue with my series 62 dropping out of gear, the detents don't mean the rack is in the correct position. You can feel the gear engagement by moving the lever a bit.


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