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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrien View Post
    Rakort - I see skates in my future. I will sleep better.
    I am assuming if the lathe sits directly on the spacer that the two nuts are used as jam nuts and that you have left a little clearance so the skates can be turned. Is that correct?
    Indeed the pix shows two nuts and a washer, but that was bench fodder..... My lathe sits directly on the spacer (~2" OD) and onto the skate c-channel. I screwed the threaded rod thru the assembly from the top into the drilled and tapped skate and use one washer and nut from the top side to hold the "stack" together. The spacers were faced to length to "roughly" level the lathe. I slightly snug up the ONE nut to hold the skate in place but still allow it to be rotated (bumped around) as needed when I move the lathe.

    The threaded rod has a slot cut into the top end with an angle grinder to allow a screw driver to be used to screw it in and out.

    More pictures on the way as needed as soon as I get out of this Caribbean paradise..

    I am QUITE happy being able to EASILY push the lathe around to access all sides of it as I am fixing it up and to clean under it with the skates.

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