Burma Bridge Busters
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    What does this have to do with our beloved Monarch EE? Well, this group used the Norden bomb sight in thier B25 Mitchells,and you lucky guys that have the really cool round dial lathes, your lathe may have made parts for this break through device.
    Even though the sight was good, it was hard to hit a moving train, so they modified a B25 with 8 50cal Brownings protruding from the front glass along with the 4 50s already on board. They would fly ahead of the train and blow the ties out of the tracks,just think of the metal this B25 spit out with 12 50 cal machine guns going off at the same time! One of the pilots told me that the plane shuttered and he would have to correct for it. The train would derail and the rest of the gang would bomb the train.
    Iam flying to Tampa tonight with my Father who was a Line Chief in the 490th Burma Bridge Busters, for thier anual get together. Look for the upcoming documentary on the History Channel produced by Steven Spielburg, whos Father Arnold was also a member of this group, and a nice guy.
    I hope you all have a good week, I know I will.
    Remember support our vets, we are here because of them!


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