Don,Monarch but non 10EE stuff ok?
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    If so I've got a question. The clutch on my 16 CW makes a tung-tung-tung-tung.... noise when in idle position. Is that normal? Works great, just thought I'd check on the noise.

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    hi, loren,

    well, i can't speak for don, of course, but i also would like this area to cover monarch lathes generally, not just the "ee" model.....

    i've noticed some clutch noise with the clutch disengaged on some of the older gear head monarchs.......or maybe bearing noise from the timkens for the clutch driven pulley????......could just be the loose plate rattling a bit, tho....

    there's a little cover plate, marked something like "remove cover to grease frictions" or "grease clutch pulley once a year", or something similar.......

    removing the cover, and turning the pulley, will reveal a grease fitting....give it a few shots of grease.....

    i'd not be surprised that quite a few old monarchs haven't had the clutch pulley greased even once in 50 or 60 probably couldn't hurt to have the clutch pulley assembly apart for new timkens, and a good cleaning/deglazing of the friction surfaces.....

    taking the assembly apart is quite easy, aside from the inconvenience of handling the heavy pulley.....the spider carrying the over-centre clutch linkage simply unscrews from its operating rod, then the disassembly/reassembly is self-explanatory.....when re-assembling, the clutch adjustment is the position of the spider on the operating simply wind the spider down on the rod, and try the clutch lever til the clutch engages with a nice gentle "over-centre" snap......then snug the locking nut.....



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