Electric Leadscrew Reverse, again
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    I finally made the missing stop for my electric leadscrew reverse, image below. I was lucky enough to find the chromed bolt that originally came with the stop and only had to make the other bits. The remaining original lock needed a new plate as the old one was both very worn where it engaged the slot and too thick to allow the stop to lock anymore.

    The only problem after setting up was that when I set the locks on the bar so that they properly engaged the carriage stop bars that the micro-switches are not right on the cam (the control arm was out of time with the cam driving the microswitches). I reset this by removing the collar that holds the felt wiper (bet you didn't know there was one) from the left side of the reverse control box containing the cam and from the other end drove the gear off the end of the cam. This would allow me to set the cam at the neutral position to match the apron control, then match up the gear with the cam and control rod. Amazingly, it only took 2 tries - I left the rod in place and pushed it out the right side of the reverse control and matched up the hold positions, then engaged the gear to the cam and locked the rod to the gear. It was a tooth off, so I marked the gear, pushed it off the cam, rotated things and engaged it again. (Naturally, all this took a *lot* more time than it sounds like here, getting the knob off the top of the reverse control was most of an hour as there was substantial rusting up in that cavity. It's clean now and works most satisfactorily).

    So, the only things left are to figure out if the apron control should be connected with a roll pin or a taper pin and correct that (if necessary) and to finally ream out the control rod to reverse control to the next size up taper pin to finally repair the damage done on that end with a roll pin. The apron control also moves too far down, allowing the gear in the control there to disengage, so I need to figure out if there was a stop in there originally and if so, just what happened to it...

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