Late Modular 10EE 230/460 C16J Filament Transformer Setup Procedure
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    Default Late Modular 10EE 230/460 C16J Filament Transformer Setup Procedure

    The following text was transcribed from "Note 2" on the schematic diagram of a late model Modular 10EE. This note may be missing on earlier schematics.

    My comments are in square braces, [ ... ] ; the text not in square braces is identical to the "Note 2" text.

    Final note: this procedure is to be followed for 460 volt installations, only. For 230 volt installations, the transformers are to be placed in parallel connection and the same tap on each of the two transformers should be chosen for best results, with 2.5 +/- 5 percent being the goal.

    [ Connect T6 and T7 primaries in parallel for 230 v supply. L1 to common (H1) of BOTH transformers. The same taps on BOTH transformers to L3. ]

    Connect T6 and T7 primaries in series for 460 v supply.

    Select tap (on each transformer) that represents half the normal supply voltage.

    [ Taps are 200, 212, 225, 237 and 250 volts on a late Modular with 200/250 volt filament transformers, and most likely 200, 212, 224, 236 and 248 volts on an early Modular; on a WiaD the taps are 200, 212, 224, 236 and 248 volts. ]

    Connect L1 to T6 Common (H1).

    Connect tap on T6 to common (H1) on T7.

    Connect L3 to tap on T7.

    Tube filament voltage may be different.

    To balance or equalize filament voltage proceed as follows:

    Determine which transformer has lowest secondary voltage.

    Move input line to next higher voltage tap.

    Continue to move input to higher voltage tap until two secondary voltages are within 10% of the same voltage.

    Adjust to 2.5 volt +/- 5% by making the same tap change on each transformer.

    Increase secondary voltage by moving to next lower primary voltage tap.

    Lower secondary voltage by changing to next higher voltage tap.
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