Round-dial 10EE way wipers
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    Question Round-dial 10EE way wipers

    continued from this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by rimcanyon View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cal Haines View Post
    I ordered wipers from Monarch for my round dial and almost none of them fit. I wound up making most of my wipers from F1 felt.

    Cal, you may get some different opinions, but I'd say use the Monarch wipes. If they don't fit, it is quite possibly installation technique (unless they shipped you the wipers for a square dial, which are different). ...

    The pure felt wipes you got from McMaster are nowhere near the quality of the oem Monarch way wipes. One reason that Monarch lathes last so long is those laminated felt/rubber way wipes.

    Here’s what Monarch sent me:
    • (2) EE-2420 shoe wiper $4.14 ea.
    • (4) EE-1558 slide wiper $11.30 ea.
    • (6) EE-1845 L wiper $2.00 ea.
    • (1) EE-1369 spindle wiper $6.00 ea.
    • (2) EE-1403 tail flat wiper $4.00 ea.
    • (2) EE-1685 tail vee wiper $4.75 ea.
    • (1) EE-2033 btm slide wiper $7.50 ea.
    • (1) EE-2917 wiper $4.35 ea.
    It's been several years, and I didn't take any pictures, so I'm going from (what passes for) memory . The flat way and taper attachment wipers weren't even close. There was no way they were going to fit into my wiper castings. I don’t remember what the V wipers were like, but they were not going to work in my castings. I called Monarch and they said that was what was supposed to be on my machine. They took back the wipers that I couldn't use. I think I was only able to use the spindle wiper and the cross slide wiper.

    If anyone has a list of wipers that work for the round-dial please post!!!

    There were two types of material used in the wipers from Monach. Most were a white felt that looks just like the F1 felt that I got from McMaster-Carr. The rest were made of some sort of weird laminate, two layers of white plastic with some sort of open-celled foam sandwiched in between. I think these were for the flat ways and T/A slide. None of them were the felt/rubber laminate you mention. All of the wipers that came off of the machine appeared to be felt which had turned black with decades of oil. (It’s possible that some maintenance type put shop-made wipers on; I think the machine was overhauled at least twice.)

    Here’s one of my shop-made V-wipers:

    And the inner flat way wipers:

    The hole in the wiper is for a small ball oiler:

    The saddle/ways have worn enough that the saddle is touching the inner way. There is no automatic oiler line there, so I added the ball oilers to get some oil in there. Works great.


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